This particular
blog of mine will seem a bit
strange to most of you.



A lot of the time,
people ask me for advice
on their writing style.



I encourage them
to remember two rules
that I’ll lay out now.



First, you must always
write to appeal to your
target audience.



As an example,
technobabble does not play
well with beginners.



Do not condescend,
but do not write in a way,
that’s over their heads.



Instead, use language
that will help them understand
and educates them.



You’ll find this method
will both endear your readers
and make you awesome.



The next rule I have
is to write in a style
that plays to your strengths.



You should remember;
forced writing will often be
not your strongest work.



Readers are not dumb,
and if you are struggling
they’ll figure it out.



But if your chosen
style is one of your fortes
again, you’re awesome.



And so, I leave you
with two easy methods to
ensure your success.



Adapt your style.
Appeal to your masses.
Play to your fortes.



Even if that means
doing something freaky like,
writing in haikus.



If you do this, then
people will think you’re awesome.
and they will be right.

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